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Raising the roof

It was good to be back playing at Sutton-on-Sea Methodist Church on Wednesday 30 October. We were the first to see the new roof and renovations after the disastrous lightning strike last year.

We fitted snugly onto the podium, as usual, with the exception of the trombones – who need slide room – and Bob on the drums. Bev Burton, tenor horn, soloed Saint-Saens’ The Swan, and Richard Tagg did his party piece, Bare Necessities, on the bass trombone. We also played Richard Walker’s composition, Snowscape.

Steve Walker, musical director, conducted, digging up some really old jokes, capped by the Rev. Cecil Mundy’s doodlebug gag. They are always a good, lively, audience at Sutton and it’s nice to be appreciated. The atmosphere was very warm and welcoming. We are looking forward to returning there for the carol service on 22 December at 6 pm.

Meanwhile we are doing a completely different programme at Chapel St Leonard’s Village Hall next Thursday, 7 November. This will be a remembrance concert starting at 7.30. Chapel is another place where we are always given a warm welcome. We are without Josh Wilkinson, Lewis Knight, Rebecca Murray and James Barnett (in no special order) as they have gone off to university, but Tina Wood (cornet) is back with us following the birth in the summer of her new baby girl.

Jenny Ward

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